About peyer foils  

Our company was established in 1950, in Zurich, as Hugo Huber AG.

It was renamed Huber Prägefolien AG after Peter Huber, the founder's son, took the helm in the late 1960s. 

In 1993 the company was taken over by Peyer which relocated it to Lengnau in 1996.

It was then incorporated into Peyer + CO AG as the Huber Stamping Foil Division in 2001 and has had an increasingly global outlook ever since. 

peyer foils has developed from a local supplier of hot stamping foils into a global solutions provider and development partner for the refinement of cosmetic packaging and tubes, white goods and technical items, glass packaging and lids, as well as for graphic applications. All peyer foils products impress visually and technically, and are designed for maximum productivity. 

The peyer foils team consists of highly motivated specialists with a high level of decision-making authority, but who act independently. We make innovations that our clients can use, rethink processes, and ensure big improvements in productivity.